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Man, His Seed and Mysteries


It is very difficult to understand a woman who is pregnant because she has the ability to demand for strange things.  She can wake up in the middle night and ask for mango in an apple season. This never means she is out of her mind; the seed in her had changed a lot of things in and around her. In Ghana-West Africa where I come from, women who are pregnant can suddenly develop appetite for certain kinds of  food they have never eaten in their entire life. It is very interesting how they eat the food with passion and joy forgetting how they throw out in the past even at the aroma of this same food. It can only take a woman who had been pregnant before to teach the husband that this woman is not demon attacked .

Likewise an individual carrying a seed of greatness, you cannot understand his strange demands. Some times we look foolish to others not because we want to be foolish but for the seed we are carrying. The seed you carrying can make you behave abnormal and   only those who have carried such seeds of greatness before can truly understand and appreciate your true state.

I believe every human on earth is carrying a seed of greatness, a divinely unique assignment given by God and long as you are still alive, there will always be the desire to do something significant and be relevant while you are still here. Your desire to live a blessed life, impacting your world with the deposits of God in you is not out of place. It is very legitimate. God never dropped you on earth to eat, finish school, work, sleep, die one day and go to heaven. He placed us here on earth for a purpose. Until you find out why you are here and walk in the seed of greatness deposited in you, the fight for discovery continues.   God said concerning Prophet Jeremiah

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” Jeremiah1:5

This was said about you not about Jeremiah alone and if every good and perfect gift comes from God, then you are a good and perfect gift from God.  There are challenges beyond your dreams but God of the dream will guide you and very soon, your seed of greatness shall become a fruitful field

(Excepts from ‘Man, His Seed and Mysteries”

“A man with a Seed is a man of mysteries” ~ Chris Amevor


Ghanaian preacher Brian Amoateng honoured in the UK

A Ghanaian preacher based in the United Kingdom (UK), Pastor Brian Amoateng,  has been honoured for his contribution to the Christian Community of Great Britain.

Pastor Brian, on receiving this award admonished all young and upcoming preachers to maintain their focus on Christ and avoid competition amongst themselves as there is too much competition in the body of Christ nowadays, calling on them to love one another.


He also thanked his wife, parents and all his spiritual mentors for their support and for helping him reach this far in his ministry.

Brian Amoateng is a  Pastor of the London Prayer Centre with headquarters which is located in the English capital. He is also the Chairman of the Brian Jones Charity foundation and the CEO of Brian Jones Foster Home in Dodowa, Ghana.

Pastot Amoateng holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from Brunel University, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Doctor of Ministry. He is an author, a life coach and a philanthropist.

By: Mawuli Tsikata

Jonathan Nelson signed with Entertainment One (eOne) Music

Multiple Stellar Award-winning artist Jonathan Nelson has a new label home, having signed with with award-winning record label Entertainment One Music (eOne Music)!

Fearless will follow Nelson’s 2013 #1 gospel album, Finish Strong, which was recorded live in his native Baltimore.

Says Jonathan Nelson, “I’m more than excited about this new journey, new label, new direction, and new season that lies ahead with eOne Music. I’m ready for this FEARLESS journey! Let’s go!!”

Phil Thornton, eOne Music Vice President and General Manager, Urban Inspirational, says: “We are thrilled to sign Jonathan Nelson and welcome him here at eOne Music in developing his new live album. Jonathan is a dynamic creative force as an artist, songwriter and worship leader. His distinctive voice has produced unforgettable lyrics and songs that have transformed the sounds of gospel in our times, and this live recording will showcase many incredible songs in store that take his music ministry to another level.”

Congrats to Jonathan Nelson and eOne! Looking forward to the music!



Nyamekye Zoinite called to Glory


The shocking news about the death of the former member of Next Generation Worshipers  Nyamekye The Zionite is a reality.

“He was traveling to Sekyere in the Ashanti Region to visit his parents when his car was involved in an accident”,  a close source reveled.   The accident occurred on 13th January 2015 between 7am-8am , Zionite in an unconscious state was rushed to the hospital where he passed on at 2pm .

Nyamekye Zionite was a worshiper, an artist and a child of God who was passionate his calling.  He was 25.  Keep the family of our brother in prayer. Here is a video by Zionite



Israel Houghton Discusses New Album

Israel Houghton has just released this video update about his new Alive in Asia album, due in stores February 17, 2015!

In addition to the already-anticipated worship album, Israel will release a concert film with the project, featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and more.

The lead single and title track is available for download on .

Catch the Vid below


The Huge Benefits of Licensing Your Music


With all the changes that have been going on in the music industry over the past decade, one of the biggest and most lucrative has been the rise of music licensing.  It is now very common to hear your favorite song not only on the radio, but on tv shows, commercials, and video games as well.  This can only be great news for artists and musicians whose goal is to share their music with as many people as possible.  Despite all this, there are still some musicians who feel that licensing your music is similar to “selling out” to corporations.  So we’re going to discuss a few of the benefits of having your music licensed.

The number one most important benefit of licensing your music is exposure, exposure, exposure!  One of the main reasons people write and record their music is so that others can listen to and enjoy it.  Sure, some people may be in it just for the money, but any band or singer who’s played a great show where the audience was really into your music knows that there is no greater feeling of accomplishment.  Before the dawn of the digital era, it was very difficult to get your music out to the masses except for the traditional distribution methods like radio and cd stores.  Now, you can literally write and record a song on your computer and share it with people all around the world in five minutes.  That should be a clear indicator to skeptics that the business has changed and it’s time to get in to the licensing game.  Having your music placed on a 30 second iPod commercial today has the potential to jump-start your career in ways never before imagined.  Even if it’s just for a small independent film, the people who are watching those movies are the exact kind of people that you will want to expose your music to.  And now thanks to the internet and song id apps, anyone can listen to your song, find out who you are, go to your website, join your fan-club, and buy your whole album in a matter of minutes.  All of these steps are essential to building a strong foundation of fans, and you’re only helping yourself by exposing your music to the masses


Another benefit of licensing your music is the money!  Of course you’re not going to just give away your music to a video game for free; you get paid!  And for many struggling musicians, this can be the difference between being able to pay next month’s rent and not.  While all placements differ in the amount of money paid (some won’t pay anything at all, but the exposure could be great!) you can usually expect to get anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars for a song placement.  And for the big films and TV shows, that number can jump up to 20-30 grand.  You’re also usually paid up front for your song placement so there’s no long waiting period to get your hard earned money.


Another benefit that is akin to gaining exposure is .  If you’re an independent band who is looking to take their career to the next level, securing a manager and publicist are two very important steps.  If you’re able to secure several small song placements, it can go a long way in building up your resume and showing potential managers that you are serious about your work, and that other people have noticed it too.  And you never know, maybe a potential manager or publicist heard your work through various projects and decides to seek you out.  The only thing that’s guaranteed in this business is that there is no single path to success, so you should be doing everything you can to try and succeed.  If you put yourself out there enough times, the odds are that someone, somewhere will take an interest in your work.  So don’t leave it to chance; get out there and make your music work for you!


Sonnie Badu to host Africa Gospel Music Awards 2014


Africa Gospel Awards (AGMA) 2014  will be hosted by Sonnie Badu, a multiple award winning Gospel singer, songwriter, philanthropist, producer, TV presenter and author. He is arguably the most successful gospel export to emerge out of Africa in recent years. His unique blend of intimate worship, high class visuals, and his energetic style of ushering congregations into the presence of God is affecting lives worldwide. The event will be held on August 24, 2014 at Fairfield , London.  The rain man’s rain event,  Africa Worship with Sonnie Badu has been nominated in the “Event of the Year” category.

Ghana’s Cwesi Oteng, Nigeria’s Frank Edwards as well as Lara George will also perform at the awards show.
Other guest performance on the night will be from I Diana Idikayi, Evans Ogboi, Sylvia Ajayi, Diana Hamilton, Eric Reverence and a host of other performers from the African continent.

Mean while Sonnie Badu is preparing for the biggest historic Africa gathering in America dubbed “Africa Gospel Goes Classic” on November 1, 2014 with American musicians;   Jonathan Nelson, Dee Jones and Darwin Hubbs.

UK Based Ghanaian Gospel Musician Eric Reverence & Team Nominated Group of the Year-Gospel Touch Music Awards



Multi-talented UK based Ghanaian Gospel musician, Eric Reverence and his Team has been nominated for Best Group of the Year in the up coming Gospel Touch Music Awards. Eric Reverence whose style has touched souls in the past years with the gospel has been nominated along side other groups.


Gospel Touch Music Awards is organized by Gospel Touch, an organization  that celebrates the achievements of Gospel artists. The award ceremony is bound to e prestigious in all areas of nominations  and promised to be one of the best awards organized in terms of quality.

Eric Reverence song ‘I Will Carry On’ has been a major success to his career as the gospel minister has performed on major and numerous stages in the world.

Gospel artists would be awarded in 16 categories and 3 honorary categories will go to American Gospel musicians, choir director and author, Kirk Franklin  for the Life time Achievement Awards, Christian Aid for Humanitarian Awards  and Outstanding Achievement Awards to Christian worship leader , song writer and author Matt Redman.

Ghanaian gospel artistes, Atta Boafo of ‘Double Double’ fame and Isaac Frempong of ‘Imela’ fame have been nominated in the African Artiste of the Year and Video of the Year UK categories

The award ceremony is strictly by invitation and invited personalities include the nominees, presenters among others.

Follow the link below to vote for Eric Reverence in the Group of the Year Category

Voting took off July 15 and will close August 31 2014.











AfricaGospelMusicAward2014-Cwesi Oteng, Joe Mettle, Akesse Brempong, PL Crew, Preachers, SI Unit and many more nominated




The AGMA is a Christian organization that seeks to expose talented young African Christian artists all over the world by rewarding their hard work and this year also happens to be their 5th anniversary celebration.Over the years Ghanaian gospel artists in the likes of Cwesi Oteng, Nacy, Herty Borngreat amongst others have all received nominations at this prestigious awards ceremony. AGMA serves as the face and voice for the African gospel/Christian music community worldwide and is dedicated to exposing, promoting and celebrating the gospel through Africa-fusion music of all styles.

This year, Ghana’s very own Cwesi Oteng, SI Unit, Joe Mettle, Preachers, Akese Brempong, PL Crew among others have been nominated for this prestigious award. CwesiOteng, Akese and Joe Mettle over the years have brought the presence of God to many through their heart felt spirit inspired songs. SI Unit( Spirit Inside Unit) is a group of young Gospel Rap artiste who have since their entry into the industry worked very hard by releasing a Mixtape( The Incoming) an EP.(Heat is Coming) and currently working on their debut album. Preachers have also broken the boundary and have contributed much not only to the spiritual growth of their fans but also their physical growth by setting up a foundation called “Bibles Up Foundation”. Their previous album “Mark 16:15” went viral on most international music market. On the 3rd of August, they would be launching their second studio album titled “The Fearless Project” in Accra Ghana.

Vote here

The event which would be hosted by Sonnie Badu would be held in London. Some of the Guest artist include Frank Edwards, CwesiOteng, Lyrical Solider, Diana Hamilton among others

Below is the full list of nominees;


Discovery of the Year

  1. Shaun P (South Africa)
  2. Afriy David (UK)
  3. Monique (Nigeria)
  4. Syvia Ajayi (UK)
  5. Allen Majera (Uganda)
  6. Blessing Manafa (Blerisa) (Nigeria)
  7. Alex Gichohi Zangi (UK)
  8. Daisy Ejang (Uganda)
  9. Nayaah Henaku (UK)
  10. L Jay Maasai (Kenya)
  11. Walter Chahwanda(UK)
  12. Kafy Shiyne(UK)
  13. Akesse Brempong (Ghana)
  14. Meskerem Getu(Ethiopia)
  15. William Nouma(UK)

Central African Artiste of the Year

  1. Dena Mwana (DRC)
  2. Timotheo Mulonda(DRC)
  3. Bahati Alphonze (Rwanda)
  4. Gaby Irene Kamanzi(Rwanda)
  5. Patient Bizimana(Rwanda)
  6. Fabrice Nzeyimana -Burundi
  7. Redemption Voice-Burundi
  8. David Kasika (DRC)
  9. Suzie Ukum (Cameroon)
  10. Beza Berist Teke(Cameroon)

Artiste of the Year West Africa

  1.  Eben  (Nigeria)
  2. Onos Ariyo (Nigeria)
  3. Cwesi Oteng (Ghana)
  4. Florocka (Nigeria)
  5. Frank Edwards (Nigeria)
  6. Kwame Coker (Sierra Leone)
  7. Nikki Laoye’s (Nigeria)
  8. Nii Okai (Ghana)
  9. Pita(Nigeria)
  10. Eveine Natt Kamara (Liberia)
  11. Kanvee Gaines-Adams (Liberia)
  12. Millicent Rhodes (Sierra Leone)
  13. Joe Mettle(Ghana)
  14. Charles Granville ( Nigeria)
  15. Koda(Ghana)



  1. Anu Osilesi
  2. Dare David
  3. Zenzo Matoga
  4. Anita Etta
  5. Peggy Otis
  6. Eloi Manjoro
  7. Yaw Osei Owusu
  8. David Adesokan
  9. Izzy
  10. Omega Bugembe
  11. Dee Jones
  12. Tosinger

Artiste of the Year East Africa

  1. Eunice Njeri (Kenya)
  2. Christina Shusho (Tanzania)
  3. Jimmy Gait (Kenya)
  4. Bahati (Kenya)
  5. Julie Mutesasira(Uganda)
  6. Jackie Senyonjo (Uganda)
  7. Elias Gemechu (Ethiopia)
  8. Solomon Mkubwa (Tanzania)
  9. Meskerem Getu (Ethiopia)
  10. Sarah K.(Kenya)
  11. Gloria Muliro (Kenya)
  12. Abenezer Tagesse Selesemeh (Ethiopia)

Artiste of the Year Europe

  1. Nana Lukezo (Belgium)
  2. Allen Caiquo (UK)
  3. Master Don (Italy)
  4. PK Boadi(UK)
  5. Papa Richie(UK)
  6. Olukemi Funke(UK)
  7. Eloho Efemuai(UK)
  8. Isabella (UK)
  9. Mona Abel (France)
  10. Isaac Frempong (UK)
  11. Attah Boafo (UK)
  12. Evans Ogboi (UK)
  13. Cynthia Ukatung (Italy)
  14. Shola Sajowa (UK)
  15. Jerry Bonsu (France)

 Artiste of the Year Southern Africa

  1. Nqubeko Mbatha (South Africa)
  2. Patrick Duncan (South Africa)
  3. Lufuno Dagada (South Africa)
  4. Sfiso Ncwane (South Africa)
  5. Pompi (Zambia)
  6. Mr. Massingarela (Mozambique)
  7. Vicky Vilakazi(South Africa)
  8. Winnie Mashaba (South Africa)
  9. David Dayo (South Africa)
  10. Brother Peter (Mozambique)
  11. Masego Motswiri (Bostwana)
  12. Matthews Matsetse (Bostwana)
  13. Mkhululi Bhebhe (Zimbabwe)
  14. Jabu Hlongwane (South Africa)
  15. Brother Peter ( Mozambique)

Artiste of the Year North Africa/Middle East /Asia

  1. Bro. Philemon (China)
  2. Dafidi – (Malaysia)
  3. Jid Vocals – (Ukraine)

Radio Program/DJ of the year

  1. Sunday Best with Sabina  Naija FM (Nigeria)
  2. Sunset Drive with Kojo Oppong Adjei, Sunny FM, Spirit 88.3fm & Spring 102.7fm (Ghana)
  3. Nathi Mhlanga-Voice of the Church FM (Swaziland)
  4. Adom Live Worship with Kwamena Idan (Ghana)
  5. Gospel Sunday with  Eva Mwalili & Agnes Waithera – Milele FM (Kenya)
  6. Cruise Control with Becky Nantale  on Power FM 104.1 FM (Uganda)
  7. Shangilia  – Hope FM (Kenya)
  8. Sweet Melodies  with Ndumiso Shezi – JOZI FM (SA)
  9. Mercy and Grace Show with B’master (Gambia)
  10. Gospel Train Show with DJ Tait – Zimnet Radio, (UK)
  11. Sunday Praise Jam -DJ Mordu -Cool Fm (Nigeria)
  12. Radio Maisha Tukuza Gospel Show – Anthony Ndiema (Kenya)
  13. The Praise O’clock show with TOLA OMONIYI on Praise World Radio (Nigeria)
  14. Selly Amutabi – Tambira QFM (Kenya)

TV Program of the Year

  1. Password – NTV(Kenya)
  2. Big Up TV Show(South Africa)
  3. Footprints TV (Ghana)
  4. Divine Jams with Tina Jeks Owinyi – Channel 44 (Uganda)
  5. Kubamba – Citizen TV (Kenya)
  6. Praiz TV –TV3 (Ghana)
  7. Tukuza – KTN(Kenya)
  8. I Want to Sing Gospel -SABC (South Africa)
  9. Angaza – KBC (Kenya)
  10. Crossover 101 – NTV (Kenya)
  11. It’s Gospel Time – SABC (South Africa)
  12. Gospel Sunday – (Kubamba & Rauka) CTV
  13. The Switch – K24 (Kenya)
  14. EC12ONE TV –  (Ghana)
  15. Youthful to be useful with Shoggy Tosh &Victoria Omotosho (Ancient of Days TV)

Afro Rap Artiste of the Year

  1. MOG (Netherlands)
  2. SI Unit(Ghana)
  3. Cjay  (South Africa)
  4. Pompi (Zambia)
  5. VKP (Kenya)
  6. Kris Eeh Baba (Kenya)
  7. Gaise (Nigeria)
  8. Provabs (Nigeria)
  9. Andrew Bello (UK)
  10. Lyrical Soldier (UK)
  11. Royal Priesthood (Ghana)
  12. Dolly P (UK)
  13. X-Caliber (Botswana)
  14. Gazuko (Tanzania)
  15. David Kalilani (Malawi)

Afro Jazz Musician of the Year

  1. Kunle Ayo (South Africa)
  2. Agboola Shadare (USA)
  3. Four Seasons Band (UK)
  4. Olatuja Project (USA)
  5. Mabongi Mabaso (South Africa)
  6. Mike Aremu (Nigeria)
  7. Karabo Mongatane (South Africa)
  8. Pastor Kunle Ajayi (Nigeria)
  9. Wandile Nkosi (South Africa)
  10. Ndo Dlakadla(South Africa)
  11. Miller Luwoye(UK)
  12.  Micheal Ouma(Uganda)
  13. Dimeji Olayinka (Nigeria)

Group/Choir of the Year

  1. Tehila Crew (Nigeria)
  2. LoveWorld Music Ministry Durban (South Africa)
  3. Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme Crew (Nigeria)
  4. Nicholas Harmonies(Kenya)
  5. Worship House (South Africa)
  6. Threadstone (Nigeria)
  7. Adawnage(Kenya)
  8. African Children’s Choir (Uganda)
  9. Simply Chrysolite(South Africa)
  10. Living Faith Connections Choir(UK)
  11.  Midnight Crew (Nigeria)
  12. Brand New Generation [B.N.G.](Nigeria)
  13. Christian Family Choir (South Africa)
  14. PL Crew (Ghana)
  15. Tshwane Gospel Choir  (South Africa)

Video of the Year

  1. Tehila Crew – You Are Holy Music
  2. Cwesi Oteng – Count Your Blessings
  3. E Dey Love Me -Preachers
  4. Asusu – DK Kwenye Beat
  5. Kazi Ya Msalaba – Daddy Owen ft. Danny Gift
  6. Mateke – Size 8
  7. Sambaza – Alice Kamande
  8. I Stand Amazed Remix – Moji Olusoji feat. Lara George
  9. Yabo ~ Solomon Lange
  10. You Are Great” – Ayo Vincent ft. Joe Praize
  11. Who Tell You Say-Sammie Okposo
  12. Badman” – Henrisoul
  13. All That I Am” –  Isabella
  14. Nataka Nimjue – Christina Shusho
  15. Clarion Clarkewoode – Into your throne room

Event of the Year

  1. Alabanza Concert(Nigeria)
  2. Africa Worships with Sonnie Badu (Ghana)
  3. Crown Gospel Awards (South Africa)
  4. The Experience with Diana Hamilton (UK)
  5. Muyiwa goes Nollywood (UK)
  6. August Worship 2013 with Jeshurun Okyere (Ghana)
  7. Phatfest 2013, Power Fm (Uganda)
  8. Monarch Praise Sing Out 2013(Ghana)
  9. Joyous Celebration 18 (South Africa)
  10. Benjamin Dube ‘Renewal in his Presence’ live recording (South Africa)
  11. Zim Praise choir UK Tour (Zimbabwe)

Producer of the Year

  1. Dee Jones (USA)
  2. Nathan FLO Akiremi (Nigeria)
  3. Wole Oni (Nigeria)
  4. Rotimi Akinfenwa (Nigeria)
  5. Bongani Mahlaole (South Africa)
  6. KODA (Ghana)
  7. Jonathan Zion Hamilton (South Africa)
  8. Tolucci (Nigeria)
  9. Bizzy B (Kenya)
  10. Dr. Eddie (Kenya)
  11. Phat E (Nigeria)
  12. Okey Sokay (Nigeria)
  13. J Treash (Nigeria)

Song of the Year

  1. Light up my world – PITA (Nigeria)
  2. I Win – Cwesi Oteng (Ghana)
  3. Emmy Kosgei – Sobei Cheiso(Kenya)
  4. I know Who I am – Sinach (Nigeria)
  5. Lingala ya Yesu – Pitson (Kenya)
  6. Who Tell You Say – Sammie Okposo (Nigeria)
  7. Worship House – Batho Retang Morena (South Africa)
  8. I Want To Know- Zangi (UK)
  9. Blow My Mind – Henrisoul (Nigeria)
  10. Why You Love Me So – Nosa (Nigeria)
  11. Twale – Nathan Florocka (Nigeria)
  12. We lift you up – Niel Higgins (South Africa)
  13. Hakuna Silaha – Sarah K.(Kenya)
  14. Aka Jehova – Gabriel Eziashi (UK)
  15. I Stand Amazed Remix – Moji Olusoji feat. Lara George

Album of the Year

  1. Silaha – Sarah K (Kenya)
  2. Justified – Eben (Nigeria)
  3. Kirathimo – Grace Mwai(Kenya)
  4. Arise – Eloho Efemuai (UK)
  5. As I Am – The Journey So far –  Pita (Nigeria)
  6. Worship House- Project 10 (Batho Retang Morena) (South Africa)
  7. Renewal in His Presence – Benjamin Dube (South Africa)
  8. Marks of a General & Eve of Independence – BOUQUI (Nigeria)
  9. Good To Go – Mike Abdul (Nigeria)
  10. Noah – Kenny K’ore (Nigeria)
  11. Coat of Many Colours – Mike Aremu(UK)
  12. All That I am – Isabella (UK)
  13. New Wine – Nana Yaw Boakye(Ghana)
  14. The Experience – Judith Sephuma (South Africa)


Female Artiste of the Year

  1. Ntokozo Mbambo (South Africa)
  2. Vicky Vilakazi (South Africa)
  3. Masego Motswiri (Bostwana)
  4. Nikki Laoye (Nigeria)
  5. Julie Mutesasira (Uganda)
  6. Isabella(UK)
  7. Gloria Muliro (Kenya)
  8. Kanvee Gaines-Adams(Liberia)
  9. Sarah K.(Kenya)
  10. Diana Hamilton (UK)
  11. Winnie Mashaba (South Africa)
  12. Rose Muhando(Tanzania)
  13. Ibitayo Jeje (Nigeria)
  14.  Nene Soul Diva(Nigeria)
  15. Funke Akinokun (France)

Male Artiste of the Year

  1. Israel Mosehla (South Africa)
  2. Patrick Duncan (South Africa)
  3. Nathan Florocka (Nigeria)
  4. Bahati-Kenya (Kenya)
  5. Coopy Bly (Uganda)
  6. Mike Abdul(Nigeria)
  7. Cwesi Oteng (Ghana)
  8. Frank Edwards (Nigeria)
  9. Wilson Bugembe (Uganda)
  10. Atta Boafo (UK)
  11. Joe Praize (Nigeria)
  12. Eben (Nigeria)
  13. Pompi (Zambia)
  14. Pitson (Kenya)
  15. Gabriel Eziashie (UK)








Africa Gospel Goes Classic with SB postponed to November 1.


The  much awaited biggest Africa gathering in America dubbed  ” Africa Gospel Goes Classic” with the  gospel general, Sonnie Badu has been postponed. The Live recording of his new album ” Hymns and Spiritual Songs ” has been rescheduled for November 1  according to Smarty’s Productions. In a press release by Selase Ibrahim, “Smarty’s Productions explained further that due to an unexpected event beyond our control, Smarty’s Production regretfully announces the postponement of The Live Recording with Sonnie Badu.The date originally scheduled from August 2nd, 2014 will now be postponed November 1, 2014.

All tickets for the previously announced August date will be honored for the new date without the need to exchange.
We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at”

On  Saturday, November 1,  over 4000 believers will gather in Maryland at the New Psalmist Baptist Church-6020 Marion Dr. Baltimore MD 21215 for a historic Live Recording Concert by Strings for Christ Orchestra.

This historic concert promises to be the best from General Sonnie Badu. For more enquiries and any information, please visit for further details and registration or questions can be directed to