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Man, His Seed and Mysteries


It is very difficult to understand a woman who is pregnant because she has the ability to demand for strange things.  She can wake up in the middle night and ask for mango in an apple season. This never means she is out of her mind; the seed in her had changed a lot of things in and around her. In Ghana-West Africa where I come from, women who are pregnant can suddenly develop appetite for certain kinds of  food they have never eaten in their entire life. It is very interesting how they eat the food with passion and joy forgetting how they throw out in the past even at the aroma of this same food. It can only take a woman who had been pregnant before to teach the husband that this woman is not demon attacked .

Likewise an individual carrying a seed of greatness, you cannot understand his strange demands. Some times we look foolish to others not because we want to be foolish but for the seed we are carrying. The seed you carrying can make you behave abnormal and   only those who have carried such seeds of greatness before can truly understand and appreciate your true state.

I believe every human on earth is carrying a seed of greatness, a divinely unique assignment given by God and long as you are still alive, there will always be the desire to do something significant and be relevant while you are still here. Your desire to live a blessed life, impacting your world with the deposits of God in you is not out of place. It is very legitimate. God never dropped you on earth to eat, finish school, work, sleep, die one day and go to heaven. He placed us here on earth for a purpose. Until you find out why you are here and walk in the seed of greatness deposited in you, the fight for discovery continues.   God said concerning Prophet Jeremiah

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” Jeremiah1:5

This was said about you not about Jeremiah alone and if every good and perfect gift comes from God, then you are a good and perfect gift from God.  There are challenges beyond your dreams but God of the dream will guide you and very soon, your seed of greatness shall become a fruitful field

(Excepts from ‘Man, His Seed and Mysteries”

“A man with a Seed is a man of mysteries” ~ Chris Amevor


Sonnie Badu and Jonathan Nelson set for “Fearless” Live Recording

Multiple award winning Gospel  Minister Sonnie Badu,  who is arguably the most successful gospel export to emerge out of Africa in recent years is set to record his hit song “Baba” with  Multiple Stellar Award-winning artist Jonathan Nelson  who just  signed  to a new label home, the award-winning record label Entertainment One Music (eOne Music)

The unique blend of intimate worship, high class visuals, and energetic style by the “General” in ushering congregations into the presence of God is affecting lives worldwide. 


Says Jonathan Nelson, “Pleased to announce that my African brother Sonnie Badu  will join me on FEB 20!! Yes we will be singing/ recording BABA OH!! you  don’t want to miss this!!”

The Live Recording dubbed  “Fearless Experience ” will  be held on 20th February 2015  at The Faith Centre 5555 NW 95th Avenue Sunrise, FL 33351.